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We’re on your parents' couch. 
We’re at a concert. 
We’re drunk. I’m so high. 
We're finally getting our lives together. 
You’re so far apart.

You’re a stranger. 
I love you.

We’ll always have each other. 
Our friendship is a graveyard, 
your backyard, a haunted house. 

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Micro Residency

Come to Chinatown Soup (16B Orchard St in Chinatown) for a reading of INTUITIVE MEN starring Will Arbery & Tom Nieboer - 7pm this Friday, October 21st. There will also be excerpts from a new play by Will, culminating in our micro residency this week at Chinatown Soup.

Photos from The Gleaming

The Gleaming - a workshop production - at Dixon Place 6/29/16 - directed (and set) by Lillleth Glimcher, photos & set by Daniel Prosky, lights by Elizabeth Mak. Cast includes: Nicholas McGovern, Violet Newman, Lucy Kaminsky, Yurie Collins and Peter Mills Weiss.

The Gleaming at Dixon Place

ONE NIGHT ONLY. The Gleaming at Dixon Place. June 29th at 730. Directed by Lilleth Glimcher. Tickets HERE

Baby Toby died before he was born; now, he waits for online updates from his mourning, teenage parents. Meanwhile, he must navigate his dead grandfather’s unsolicited warnings about their bizarre reality. However, when Baby Toby discovers a dangerous method of communication, he must examine what it really means to connect, and how indestructible data relates to human mortality.